A Schnitzel story written to continue Forever.

Why Schnitzel? - We know it's made all around the world and is a well know dish. However, you don't always get to taste the real Schnitzel as it should be like in the famous Austrian restaurants in Vienna and, you mainly see a Chicken Schnitzel on the menus so may not even know that there are other varieties.

We have started this journey to bring you the real Schnitzel experience in London with dozens of varieties and will make sure that when you hear the word Schnitzel, you know where to look.

So, London... it's time to come and taste this experience and see the REAL DEAL.


Have a look below to see how our journey began.

March 2018

It all started in 2018 when we had suddenly come up with an idea to start up a takeaway restaurant based on a world known Schnitzel.

June 2019

Research and planning has been done through many sleepless nights to make this idea come to life. Recipes have been written and a menu has been created.

March 2020

A kitchen has been hired to start service for the first time as a takeaway restaurant on Stoke Newington Church Street.

October 2020

Customer demand has been increasing daily and people started asking for dine in areas. We've decided to look for a new premises to open up the first Schnitzel restaurant in London.

March 2021

We have started serving our customers from our new premises on Stoke Newington Church Street with a new menu.