We would like to welcome you all to our exciting brand new restaurant,


As “Schnitzel Forever”, we offer so many different tastes including rare, crispy, juicy, extra crunchy choices. We would like to serve our impressively delicious schnitzel specialities in town for those who are in love with schnitzel and keen on their appetite. We promise that we will never cease to surprise you.



This delicious dish is made all over the world and will continue to be made forever.  It has been named with just another word in every single culture/language:

“escalope, milanese, tonkatsu, chuleta, wieninleike, hebrew, kaseu, schabowy, panada, bečkasnicla, sinitzel, schnipo, piccata, parmo, cordon blue, hainanese, cotoletta and much more.



At “Schnitzel Forever”, you will enjoy the real taste of Schnitzel as well as a rich variety of sauces selected from all over the world.  This food would absolutely make you feel how much you missed your mom’s meal.


The rich selection of the schnitzel menu has been developed by our experienced chefs in order to combine classic flavours with exquisite presentation.  We purchase our special ingredients from our trusted suppliers very carefully.

Our food is prepared with the finest natural ingredients and cooked in a traditional way.  Chef’s main focus is to catch authentic taste and present it with a modern touch.


Enjoy your meal...