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About Schnitzel Forever

      A unique experience you won't find anywhere else with dishes inspired from all around the world, combined with amazing wines and delicious cocktails...                 only at Schnitzel Forever.

Schnitzel Forever is a restaurant focusing on bringing a missing dish to people worldwide, starting with London, and it is not only food but heritage too. 

   The idea had come to life by Bulent Metin and turned into a restaurant business with Onurcan Celik. Both of whom had known each other since 2014 from a hospitality background. The main idea started with Bulent's deep research on March 2018 to bring a dish that would make you travel to your childhood, Schnitzel. Schnitzel is an international dish that is interpreted differently in different cultures. Bulent created the menu in June 2019. After a few months, Bulent searched for a dark kitchen as he wanted to do this project as a take-away-only business. After searching for a while, he knew that the Schnitzel Forever project had to come to life in Stoke Newington. A diverse location that was also a home for Bulent. 

   Bulent reached out to Onurcan (Onur) to tell him about this exciting project he was going to do and asked if he could assist him with setting up delivery platforms. Onur agreed, and they met again after a few years. At the time, Onur was an architectural designer. However, Onur clicked with the project and moved back to hospitality from the world of architecture. 

Ghost kitchen was up and running in March 2020 with only Bulent and his wife, Nazli, as the two chefs. A few months in, tremendous customer demand for schnitzels proved a success. Within five months, talks started with Onurcan to grow this business, and as the customer numbers were increasing each day, they began to look for an actual restaurant that could become the first Schnitzel Forever! And, here it is, an old chocolate shop transformed into a restaurant to serve its customers the best schnitzels in March 2021.
Within a few months, Schnitzel Forever had attracted the attention of many newspapers and magazines. It has appeared in Hackney Citizen, The Guardian, in an article written by Jay Rayner, The Times, The infatuation, and many more. The building recognition was an excellent achievement for Bulent, Onurcan, and the team at Schnitzel Forever, who played a crucial role in shaping Schnitzel Forever to become what it is now.

MARCH, 2018

JUNE, 2019

MARCH, 2020


MARCH, 2021

Idea was born.

Menu created.

Ghost kitchen opened.

Restaurant premises search.

Restaurant opened.

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